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When it comes to choosing childcare, we understand that parents face one of the most difficult tasks that they’re likely to encounter – trusting the care of their little ones to another person.

At North West Childcare, we live by an important but simple rule: would we entrust this person with responsibility for looking after our own children? If there’s the slightest hesitation, we do not accept that applicant on our books.

North West Childcare only operates in the areas of Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Whatever your requirements, we pride ourselves on our personalised service and our professionalism in identifying exactly the right type of childcare professional to meet your needs.

Our dedicated website provides the best information for you to get the right type of childcare you are searching for. We will give you links to all the best places to help you make the right choices.

Childcare Resources

The first this you need to decide is if you want someone to come to your house to look after your child/children or do you want to take your child/children to a childminder. So what are the different types of childcare, see this link and will explain all the different possibilities.

Can I Get Benefits

There are all differant types of benefits to help you support your family. Here are just a few explained so you can make the right choices.


Q1: We are hoping to take on a Nanny to look after our twin boys. What sort of qualities should I look for in a Nanny and are qualifications the best guidelines for selecting the right person for our family?

A1: Trust your instincts when choosing a Nanny. Don’t underestimate or disregard your instincts – they’re probably correct. Just like when you choose a house or a spouse, you just ‘know’ when it’s right. Follow your intuition either way: if you get a good feeling, trust it – and vice versa.

To succeed in professional childcare, it’s important to be kind, caring, patient, intelligent and trustworthy. It’s also vital that prospective candidates are completely reliable and resourceful, with a great deal of common sense. It should go without saying that they also need to enjoy working and interacting with children.

When checking out CVs, it’s useful to note that there are two key routes into nannying – either via a childcare diploma through the colleges, or more commonly many move into professional nannying following on-the-job training and qualifications whilst working in nurseries as nursery assistants.

Just because a prospective Nanny looks perfect on paper doesn’t mean they’re right for you. And, even if you do ‘click’, you must still conduct a thorough interview and check up their references. If you have any doubts do not proceed. Where children are concerned, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

It’s crucially important that the Nanny likes your family, too. It’s a good idea to ask the Nanny to come and spend a few hours with the children, before you make a formal job offer, so you can assess how they get on.

Trust your children’s instincts, too. Children are highly perceptive and it’s important that they have some input in the decision making process.

It’s best to ask open-ended questions when interviewing and checking references so that you can gain a true picture of her background, attitude and personality. It’s also important to ensure that the applicant has had a current DBS check. North West Childcare

Q2: I am expecting my second child and my 15-month-old daughter’s nursery has just increased its rates quite significantly. Could it work out almost as inexpensive to hire a Nanny rather than paying two lots of nursery fees?

A2: Generally speaking, families enjoy the greatest cost efficiencies when they have two or more children and the appointment of a Nanny also provides greater flexibility of childcare. This is especially useful if parents work outside of the traditional nursery opening hours.

Q3: I’ve just heard about ‘Nanny Share’ and wondered how it worked out, in your experience?

A3: Nanny Share is proving increasingly popular, as more and more parents are working part-time. The most common forms of Nanny Share that we arrange are either one family employing the Nanny for say three days and then the second family employing her for the remaining two days of the traditional working week or families and friends teaming up to pay jointly for the Nanny. Under the latter arrangement, the children are cared for together or the families come to their own arrangements re hours.

Q4: My first child was very difficult to settle at night. I’ve just discovered I’m expecting another baby and I want to be a little more prepared this time around. Would a Maternity Night Nanny be the answer?

A4: Yes, Maternity Night Nannies are typically trained or experienced Nannies or Midwives specialising in care for newborns. Maternity Nurses/Nannies will help with the new baby and guide and advise the mother on feeding patterns, sleeping routines and other aspects of newborn baby care.

Employment periods can vary from a few days to four months plus and they are appointed for 12 hour night care, five or six days per week. If you decide that you need further support, Maternity Nannies and Maternity Nurses can also be appointed to handle day care as well as night care.

Q5. I work full time and my son starts school very soon. The local school does not offer any after-school facilities and wondered whether you could suggest the best type of help for just a few hours a day? I’m fine to drop him off in the mornings, but I cannot collect him at night.

A5: It sounds as though an After School Carer would be the answer. Our After School Carers are qualified or experienced people who choose to work just a few hours each day and arrangements are agreed with the family.

For example an After School Carer will collect the child from school or meet them at their own home. They will make tea, play with the children, supervise homework and take children to any after school activities.

NWC also offers Before School Carers for families who need this type of help in the mornings.

Q6: I would like an older person rather than a young girl to look after my new baby. I’ve heard that many more experienced Nannies are prepared to return to work, as long as they are able to bring their own child along. I’m quite interested in this sort of arrangement. Is it something you could provide?

A6: If you are able to be a little flexible in your hours and outlook, you could benefit from the skills of a very experienced Nanny. As you’ll appreciate many Nannies do not return to work when they have children of their own. However, if you feel from the outset that your children could get on, it could be the flexible option that you’re both seeking.

Q7: My sister has just appointed a Maternity Nanny on a 24 hours per day contract. I’m expecting a baby later in the year and wondered whether it might be possible to have help at night-time only? Is there a set rate for this type of care?

A7: Yes, it’s certainly possible as our Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies offer both 24 and 12 hour services. Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies are self-employed and therefore set their own rates.

Q8: I’ve read lots of stories in the papers about the varying standards of childcare offered by Childminders and wondered what sort of assurances you could give me that any Childminders booked through your agency would be more reliable than anyone I found through my own research?

A8: Childminders appointed via North West Childcare would go through the same stringent vetting procedures that we employ for sole charge Nannies. As a matter of course, they would also be registered with Ofsted and subject to Ofsted inspections.

Q9: We are new to the area and my husband’s job involves client hospitality. I feel it wouldn’t be completely safe to advertise for a Babysitter in my local newsagents. What sort of Babysitter could you provide?

A9: All of our Babysitters are interviewed and vetted by North West Childcare. They are all experienced in professional childcare and many have worked as Nannies. Where possible we like to provide the same North West Childcare Babysitter to families who use our services regularly, as this means that the regular Babysitter becomes a familiar face for the family and begins to develop a relationship with the children.

Q10: How do I choose a Nanny agency? I’m very confused about how I can tell one from another?

A10: The first stop, in selecting a reputable agency is by canvassing friends and acquaintances for recommendations. Look in the Yellow Pages and try the Internet. Then, when you’ve located their advertisements, check which one best suits your individual needs. Some clients feel more confident if they use an agency that has been well established for several years.
It is important that the agency is REC approved, which is the professional body for all recruitment agencies, as there are currently no regulations specifically for Nanny agencies.

The agency will also give information of previous clients who you can contact for references. Also ensure the agency conducts the Criminal Records Bureau checks. You should check all references of the nannies and then interview them thoroughly. Make sure that the agency is giving you what you expect in all of your dealings with them and they spend time listening to what you are looking for in order to help you to find your ‘perfect nanny’.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, it is a very important decision … take your time.

Q11: Why would a nursery use an agency to recruit staff?

A11: Nurseries that use the specialist services offered by North West Childcare to handle their recruitment rely on us to provide access to a new pool of suitably experienced potential employees and also to save them valuable time in their busy daily schedules. North West Childcare