Mrs Lawson-Dick

“Finding a nanny was one of the most challenging job searches I have had to do.

“I spoke with several agencies to ensure a broad search but very quickly stopped talking to the other two agencies. North West Childcare was excellent.

“They only sent suitable nannies, instead of everyone on their books. They briefed the nannies well on what I was looking for and helped me to understand how tweaking my specification would impact on the number of people who would be interested in my role.

“The calibre of the nannies that North West Childcare put forward was far above the standard of girls I was sent by other agencies in the initial stages of my search.  

“Jayne was excellent in providing guidance and reassurance when I felt as if I would never find the right nanny. The background information provided the organisation of the interviews, the checks done on the nannies and the two-way feedback after the interviews was extremely useful.

“Interestingly, my nanny is standing beside me as I type this and she shares these views from a nanny’s perspective – she was never sent to jobs that were not suitable and was always well briefed on the family’s requirements. She only used North West Childcare for this latest search because she knew that her time would not be wasted and that the families would be carefully matched to her requirements.”

Mrs Mackintosh

“North West Childcare was extremely helpful and efficient. As a newcomer to employing a nanny they helped me understand how things could work for me and how to secure a quality nanny. I had very tight deadlines and they didn’t hesitate in helping me meet them. Excellent quality and highly recommended.”

Mrs Roberts

“Coming after a difficult pregnancy and delivery, the challenge of caring for premature twins just proved to be too much. After a two-week nightmare, I looked to Julia Harris at North West Childcare for help. Lyndsey started with us the very next week and we couldn’t have wished for a better person to help us give the twins the very best start in life.”