Maternity nurses help parents get a night’s sleep

As many readers will know, continually disrupted sleep can bring even the most capable, upbeat parent to his or her knees. A recent survey has revealed the scale of the problem: today’s mums are getting a staggering 30 per cent less sleep than their own mothers did a generation ago.

Hale-based North West Childcare can provide a lifeline in the shape of one of its expertly trained maternity nurses. Managing director Julia Harris explained: “If you have a newborn baby and are still reeling from the birth whilst battling exhaustion, a maternity nurse can be an absolute lifesaver, giving the mum a break to regain her strength and spend some quality time with her other children (and husband!) – and getting the baby into a routine.

“Maternity nurses are also well attuned to signs of post-natal depression (suffered by one in ten mothers) and can help mums to bond well with their babies. If you don’t like the idea of someone living with you 24 hours a day, you can always opt for a night nurse, who’ll just come in to give you a break at nighttime.”

In addition to night nurses, NWC offers a complete spectrum of childcare options, including highly qualified nannies. The agency prides itself on its listening, caring ear and dedication to resolving any childcare dilemma. Julia added: “Whatever parents’ particular needs or concerns at any one time, we’ll offer the very best childcare solution.”

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