How Much is Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance Number

When it comes to being pregnant in the UK, women get certain help from the government financially. It comes in the form of maternity allowance. The following article will explore the in’s and out’s of this benefit. And explain how to use the maternity allowance number to start your claim.

What is Maternity Allowance?

Maternity allowance is a weekly payment for women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby. If you are in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you are entitled to this particular qualification. The allowance is meant to be a financial support to help women with the maternity portion of their lives.

They will be able to return to work later, but the assumption is that they need time to take care of their health and prepare for the little one’s arrival. Some women work right up until their labour and then take the allowance. Still, other women have more complicated pregnancies or different stamina. They feel that they want to claim the maternity allowance while pregnant call the maternity allowance number on 0843 455 0033. They might be worried about other health complications or just need the time to look after themselves and their families.

Who Can Get It?

Maternity allowance is administered by the Jobcentre Plus. It is for women that do not qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay from their place of employment. This can happen even if women were working before their pregnancy. It could be that they were working part-time and did not make enough money to qualify for the Statutory Maternity Pay. Additionally, they could have stopped working at some point in the pregnancy.

There are some prerequisites however. You must have been working for 26 of the 66 weeks up to the point where your baby is due. This can be self employment or regular employment. Additionally, you should have earned an average of 30 pounds a week in at least 13 of those weeks.

As one can see, the requirements are not terribly stringent. The woman does have to be a working woman, however. It’s always important to check if you qualify. Even if you have had periods of unemployment or sporadic employment, you still may qualify. Those that do not qualify for maternity allowance might still qualify for a lower rate maternity allowance.

How Much Maternity allowance Do You Get?

Maternity allowance is generally £148.68 per week or 90% of the weekly wage before tax. Women have to have paid enough national insurance payments however to qualify. Those who haven’t paid enough insurance payments will get a reduced rate. These payments will start at no earlier than 11 weeks before the due date.

Women who cannot get this benefit will get the lower maternity benefit. This benefit is £27.00 per week for 14 weeks. Also, if you help with your spouse’s self-employment, then you will get the lower maternity benefit. contact the maternity allowance number if you have any question.

How to Apply?

You can get your payments through your bank. Additionally, you have the option of being paid through your building society or post office account. If you do not have any of these accounts, then you will be paid through Simple Payment.

In order to apply, you should call the Maternity Allowance Number on 0843 455 0033 or find your local Jobcentre. More information can be found on the Government website. You will need to fill out an MA1 form. Those located in Northern Ireland should find the phone numbers of the various Jobcentre offices at.

You will need your national insurance number and driving license or birth certificate when applying. You will also have to ask your employer for an SMP1 form and bring along proof of your wages, such as a payslip.

In addition, you need to ask your doctor for a MATB1 as proof of your pregnancy. You can still be paid for the time you were pregnant even if you apply late.

Those who are self employed must have paid 13 of the 66 weeks of Class 2 National Insurance before the due date. Those who have not may still qualify for the lower maternity rate.


This benefit is great for people who need some time before the pregnancy to put their feet up. They might want to work on their nursery at this time as well. Some might be on bed rest. There is a lot available through the government for people who are working, so those who have worked in any capacity should look into it.

Maternity Allowance Number 0843 455 0033