How To Choose A Nanny

How to choose a nanny

Remember that it’s vital that the nanny gets on well not only with your child but with the entire family. After all, you’re all going to be sharing your lives – and home – with her!

Don’t underestimate or disregard your instincts – they’re probably correct. Just like when you choose a house or a spouse, you just ‘know’ when it’s right. Follow your intuition either way: if you get a good feeling, trust it – and vice versa.

Just because a candidate looks perfect on paper doesn’t mean they’re right for you. And, even if you do ‘click’, you must still conduct a thorough interview and check up their references. Above all, don’t feel pressured into making a rash decision. If you have any doubts on any level, do not proceed. Where children are concerned, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

It’s crucially important that the nanny likes your family, too. Many parents are bewildered when they finally offer a nanny a position and she does not accept it. Before offering a job, it’s a good idea to ask the nanny to come and spend a few hours with the children so you can assess how they get on.

Trust your children’s instincts, too. Children are highly perceptive and often know instinctively who is going to ‘gel’ with them. It’s important that they have some input in the decision-making process – after all, they are the reason you are hiring a nanny in the first place! If they are old enough, get them to prepare their own questions.

For your part, make sure you ask open-ended questions when interviewing and checking references so that you can gain a true picture of her background, attitude and personality. It’s also important to ensure that the applicant has had a current CRB check.

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